Be who you want to be

Hey everyone!! first of all I apologize for not updating my blog post, but anyways today I decided to write  about something different, something about inner beauty. So if you want to learn how to acquire it and know more about it then just keep on reading…!!

So what exactly do we mean by inner beauty? The meaning of inner beauty can be different for different people.Inner beauty according to me is being the best version of yourself. Now how exactly do you do this? Well the answer is simple – stop caring about what others say and have confidence in yourself. Having confidence is very important. Learn to believe in yourself.

Don’t ever judge yourself! judging yourself will only make you feel low and bring your confidence down. Learn to accept yourself. Realising this will take time but don’t give up on yourself. Life has planned amazing things for you. Learn to change your negatives into your positives. Try to stay happy and  optimistic. Face your challenges with a happy face. Yes I agree it won’t be easy but believe me.. in the end it all will pay off.

Inner beauty is being who you want to be, it is staying happy , it is being true to yourself, it is following your dreams! Remember if you want to succeed in life stay strong and have the confidence to prove others wrong. Learn to have a straight posture it will help you and will create a good impression. Learn to accept and correct your mistakes. Finding who you really are is not easy but self-confidence is the key.

The outside world is cruel and harsh and will do anything to break you down if you have right attitude and mentality of looking at things in a positive way you can do anything.

Remember while finding this inner beauty and chasing your dream don’t ever change who you are just be who you are and be who you want to be!! I want to become a fashion designer, who do you wanna be?

P.s : Check out Bethany Mota’s channel on youtube. She is an amazing personality and also my inspiration.Her new song inspired me to write this blog post.

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