Hair care routine for frizzy hair

Messy hair

The main reason for frizzy hair is when your hair cuticle is raised. People who have soft and smooth hair have a smooth cuticle. Because of this raised cuticle your hair easily becomes dry, rough and poofy. Here are some pretty helpful tips if you are tackling with dry,rough and frizzy hair, take a look :

1) Hair products – Use limited hair products on your hair.The more hair products you use the more damage you are doing to your hair.Try using natural hair products and not chemichal hair products. Make sure that whatever hair products you are using are applied in a limited quantity. A good shampoo and conditioner will protect your hair from any kind of dryness and damage. After washing your hair apply some good quality hair serum.

2) Oiling – Oiling is very important.Have you ever heard of overnight oiling? When you oil your hair at night it gets easily absorbed into your scalp and keeps it healthy and nourished. Don’t use too much oil or else your hair can get sticky. While applying oil make sure that you massage your scalp well.Use coconut oil or argan oil to get better results.

3) Washing your hair – It is always better to apply oil overnight on your hair and then wash it the next day as it nourishes your hair.Wash your hair with cold water and not with hot water.Cold water prevents fizziness and dryness.

4) Diet – Eat a healthy and a well balanced diet to keep your hair healthy. Eating healthy will help change the texture of your hair.Yes, but it won’t change your hair type.Eating nutritious food will help your hair to grow thick. This will add more volume to your hair and make it look a lot lot better. So eating healthy is the key to great hair.

5) Heat – Try using minimum heat on your hair. Apply good heat protectors to avoid hair damage. If straightening then instead of straightening your hair every day straighten it once and leave it for two or three days this will minimize the damage.Also try blow drying instead of straightening.

6) Hairstyles – I know sometimes it’s impossible to leave your hair . Try wearing different hairstyles so that your hair will look less frizzier.Wear french braids,fishtail braids,side braids,side ponytails etc. Experiment with different hairstyles so each time you get a new look.

Now don’t feel bad about your hair.It is what it is! We all are unique and different in our own ways. Just believe in yourself and be confident!! Hope you liked this blog don’t forget to like, comment and share.Hope these tips helped. Have a great day and thank you for reading 🙂

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One thought on “Hair care routine for frizzy hair

  1. I am sure gonna try most of them because I have a loooot of hair and they get really frizzy after shower so I need to do something :)) thank youuu ❤


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