Beach Essentials 2015


Here are some must have beach essentials – take a look:

1 ) Sun Screen – A sun screen is a must have. A good quality sunscreen keeps your skin safe from the harmful UV rays and  also helps your body to stay moisturized. I recommend using a waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen – Neutrogena beach defence spf +30, Sun Bum spf +30, Banana Boat spf +50, Clarins spf +30, Blue Lizard spf+ 30,Lotus herbals spf +20.

2) Shades – You have to protect those eyes from the sun. Go for a pair of cat eye or retro style round sun glasses, wayfarers, or aviators. They are super trendy and also adds that 70’s look. Also make sure they are of a good quality.

3) A hat – Hats look super cute and they again protect you from the sun. Go for a floppy hat, a panama or a fedora hat. They help you complete your look and also save you from one of those bad hair days.

4) Makeup : Now if you are going to wear makeup at the beach make sure it is sweat proof and water proof. Now wearing make up at the beach is not a necessity. You can wear a BB cream that has a nice complection, waterproof mascara and a lip balm with a nice lip tint then, brush and fill in your brows and you are ready to go.

5) Swimsuit : Pick a nice swimsuit which looks good on you and is comfortable at the same time.You could always pick a retro print or a tribal bikini. High waist bottoms have made a huge comeback.Go for neon colours, they make your entire look to pop out.

6) Water : A bottle of water is a must have as it helps you to stay hydrated. We recommend carrying a bottle of detoxed water. Detox water is great for your hair and skin, it is a blood purifier and it balances your ph.

7) Shoes : Go for a pair of cute and comfy flip flops or you could always go for some monochrome sneakers, or some flat detail strap sandals.

8) Your Beach bag : Lastly carry a comfy beach bag in which you can put all your beach essentials Make sure that there is enough space for all your essentials. Carry a nice deodrant too. Don’t forget to carry a towel and your ipod so that you can listen to your favourite tunes and rest at the beach.

Lastly wear a nice,cute and comfy outfit to the beach. Go for a pair of high waisted denim shorts,cropped tees,sheer cardigans,sheer lace dresses or anything you are comfortable in.

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Hope you guys have an amazing day..byee!


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