5 fashion trends you should look forward to in 2016

It’s time to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome to 2016! 2016 means a year with new possibilities and a new you.So it’s time you upgrade your wardrobe for 2016.
Here are 5 top fashion trends, you should look forward to in 2016:

1) Lace : Lace is a must have for me. Be it a party, function, a date or a night out with your girls, you can never go wrong with lace. A sheer lace dress, shorts, skirt or a fancy lace blouse always looks classy and chic.


2) Tie- Dye : Tie-Dye is like the coolest thing ever.Opt for tie-dye shoes,shorts,jeans or tops. Try to play with vibrant colours as they look more bold. Tie-Dye is basically an explosion of colours which looks beautiful and adds a pop out effect to your entire look.


3) The Off-Shoulder : The off-shoulder trend helps you to achieve a casual yet trendy look. Shoulder cutouts and asymmetrical necklines look quite versatile and flattering. It is one my favourite  trends and is perfect for any occasion.


4) Half Moon Bag : Ok, so I have read and seen this trend like everywhere. Whether it’s a casual or a chic look, a half moon bag can help you to make a statement. Go for neutral shades.


5) The X- neck : A lot of celebrities have been spotted with this trend. Not only does it highlight your collarbone and shoulders but at the same time it makes you stand out and looks super hot!


Experiment with various colours and fabrics. Play with funky and bold accessories . Get out there and show the world who you really are. But remember, only wear what you feel is comfortable and which speaks you. We all are beautiful and unique in our own ways and no one can take that away from you 🙂 ❤

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4 Fast,Quick and Easy Hairstyles!

Hey guys! I know those times when you don’t wake up early and you realize your late for school, college or work or sometimes you’re just feeling super lazy. Well here are some super fast and easy hairstyles when you are in a hurry. So lets get started…

1) The twist braid : So basically this hairstyle is quite common but I think it’s really cute and goes perfectly with a dress or a casual outfit like jeans and a tee. So all you do is take your hair on one side, then take a small section of your hair and twist it and keep on adding more hair and twist it. Then pin all of that to the back with a bobby pin. Take the rest of your hair and braid it normally. Pull the braid to make it look more bigger and bolder. Add some hairspray to make it last longer. You could pull out some hair to make it look a bit messy. You can also add a bow, or some fancy clips to finish the look.

2) The high pony braid : So for this hairstyle you’re just going to tie your hair into a high ponytail. You can make the ponytail messy or puffy by just spraying some hair spray and simply teasing it. Then take a small strand of your hair from the back and wrap it around your hair-band. Then just braid your hair and secure it with a band and take another small section and wrap it the same way and that is just it! I think this looks really elegant and it’s really easy. Add some hair spray to finish the look.

3) The puffy chic : For this hairstyle you are going to take the front section of your hair and just twist it from the back and just try to create a puff. Remember the key is to tease your hair to add volume and more puffiness to your hair. Then just secure it with a clip or some bobby pins. Then take the side section and cross them over the back and secure them with a clip or bobby pin as well. And there you go super adorable and easy! Add some hairspray. Add an accessory like a hair bow to make it look more cute.

4) The sleek back : So for this one just  part your hair in the middle and take one side of your hair, twist it when you reach just below your ear and pin it at the back. Do the same on the other side. Make sure to add hairspray to both the sides. You could also add some shine spray to add a more sleek look. Then, just bring some of your hair (back) in the front to complete the look. I think this looks super classy and awesome.

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Be who you want to be

Hey everyone!! first of all I apologize for not updating my blog post, but anyways today I decided to write  about something different, something about inner beauty. So if you want to learn how to acquire it and know more about it then just keep on reading…!!

So what exactly do we mean by inner beauty? The meaning of inner beauty can be different for different people.Inner beauty according to me is being the best version of yourself. Now how exactly do you do this? Well the answer is simple – stop caring about what others say and have confidence in yourself. Having confidence is very important. Learn to believe in yourself.

Don’t ever judge yourself! judging yourself will only make you feel low and bring your confidence down. Learn to accept yourself. Realising this will take time but don’t give up on yourself. Life has planned amazing things for you. Learn to change your negatives into your positives. Try to stay happy and  optimistic. Face your challenges with a happy face. Yes I agree it won’t be easy but believe me.. in the end it all will pay off.

Inner beauty is being who you want to be, it is staying happy , it is being true to yourself, it is following your dreams! Remember if you want to succeed in life stay strong and have the confidence to prove others wrong. Learn to have a straight posture it will help you and will create a good impression. Learn to accept and correct your mistakes. Finding who you really are is not easy but self-confidence is the key.

The outside world is cruel and harsh and will do anything to break you down if you have right attitude and mentality of looking at things in a positive way you can do anything.

Remember while finding this inner beauty and chasing your dream don’t ever change who you are just be who you are and be who you want to be!! I want to become a fashion designer, who do you wanna be?

P.s : Check out Bethany Mota’s channel on youtube. She is an amazing personality and also my inspiration.Her new song inspired me to write this blog post.

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Hair care routine for frizzy hair

Messy hair

The main reason for frizzy hair is when your hair cuticle is raised. People who have soft and smooth hair have a smooth cuticle. Because of this raised cuticle your hair easily becomes dry, rough and poofy. Here are some pretty helpful tips if you are tackling with dry,rough and frizzy hair, take a look :

1) Hair products – Use limited hair products on your hair.The more hair products you use the more damage you are doing to your hair.Try using natural hair products and not chemichal hair products. Make sure that whatever hair products you are using are applied in a limited quantity. A good shampoo and conditioner will protect your hair from any kind of dryness and damage. After washing your hair apply some good quality hair serum.

2) Oiling – Oiling is very important.Have you ever heard of overnight oiling? When you oil your hair at night it gets easily absorbed into your scalp and keeps it healthy and nourished. Don’t use too much oil or else your hair can get sticky. While applying oil make sure that you massage your scalp well.Use coconut oil or argan oil to get better results.

3) Washing your hair – It is always better to apply oil overnight on your hair and then wash it the next day as it nourishes your hair.Wash your hair with cold water and not with hot water.Cold water prevents fizziness and dryness.

4) Diet – Eat a healthy and a well balanced diet to keep your hair healthy. Eating healthy will help change the texture of your hair.Yes, but it won’t change your hair type.Eating nutritious food will help your hair to grow thick. This will add more volume to your hair and make it look a lot lot better. So eating healthy is the key to great hair.

5) Heat – Try using minimum heat on your hair. Apply good heat protectors to avoid hair damage. If straightening then instead of straightening your hair every day straighten it once and leave it for two or three days this will minimize the damage.Also try blow drying instead of straightening.

6) Hairstyles – I know sometimes it’s impossible to leave your hair . Try wearing different hairstyles so that your hair will look less frizzier.Wear french braids,fishtail braids,side braids,side ponytails etc. Experiment with different hairstyles so each time you get a new look.

Now don’t feel bad about your hair.It is what it is! We all are unique and different in our own ways. Just believe in yourself and be confident!! Hope you liked this blog don’t forget to like, comment and share.Hope these tips helped. Have a great day and thank you for reading 🙂

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How to find the right outfit for your personality


Are you tired of being afraid,weak,dull and shy? Well, now is the right time to go out there and show the real world who you are!! Your outfit will help speak for you. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind while finding the right outfit :

1) Have a good colour sense : Having a good colour sense is very important. Pick colours which can help you to describe your personality. Go for bright and neon colours including yellow,pink blue,white etc. They help you add freshness to your outfit and make you stand out amongst the crowd!

2) Pick a unique sense of style : Wear clothes that you are more likely to wear. Just because someone is wearing something doesn’t mean you should too. Remember if you want to make an impression wear clothes which are comfortable and more “you”. You can never go wrong with cropped tees,ripped denims,crochet and lace tops or even leather or denim jackets. Just remember to be you.

3) Experimentation : Try experimenting with your outfits. Mix and match various tees,denims,skirts,dresses and jackets in order to find your sense of style. This will give you more knowledge and information about your fashion and dressing sense.

4) Accessorizing in the right way : After you have picked out the right outfit it’s time to accessorize.Don’t add too many accessories!! If you do,then it will overwhelm your look.If you are wearing a statement necklace there is no need of wearing big and bold earings.Try adding bracelets,bangles and different kinds of rings.Remember to keep it chic and simple!

5) Your shoes : Wear shoes which would match your outfit.Try wearing more comfy shoes.You could go for high top converse, sneakers,bellies or flats, strapped sandals or ankle boots.

6) The final touch : To complete your look try wearing a suitable hairstyle.You could always wear fishtail or a french braid. If you are leaving your hair then just create soft curls or just straighten your hair. Also don’t forget to add hair accessories like flower crowns,bows,headbands etc.

7) Make a statement : Now go out there with your head up high. Be confident and proud. Don’t be afraid of showing your true-self to the world. Just believe and make the magic happen!

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Beach Essentials 2015


Here are some must have beach essentials – take a look:

1 ) Sun Screen – A sun screen is a must have. A good quality sunscreen keeps your skin safe from the harmful UV rays and  also helps your body to stay moisturized. I recommend using a waterproof and sweat proof sunscreen – Neutrogena beach defence spf +30, Sun Bum spf +30, Banana Boat spf +50, Clarins spf +30, Blue Lizard spf+ 30,Lotus herbals spf +20.

2) Shades – You have to protect those eyes from the sun. Go for a pair of cat eye or retro style round sun glasses, wayfarers, or aviators. They are super trendy and also adds that 70’s look. Also make sure they are of a good quality.

3) A hat – Hats look super cute and they again protect you from the sun. Go for a floppy hat, a panama or a fedora hat. They help you complete your look and also save you from one of those bad hair days.

4) Makeup : Now if you are going to wear makeup at the beach make sure it is sweat proof and water proof. Now wearing make up at the beach is not a necessity. You can wear a BB cream that has a nice complection, waterproof mascara and a lip balm with a nice lip tint then, brush and fill in your brows and you are ready to go.

5) Swimsuit : Pick a nice swimsuit which looks good on you and is comfortable at the same time.You could always pick a retro print or a tribal bikini. High waist bottoms have made a huge comeback.Go for neon colours, they make your entire look to pop out.

6) Water : A bottle of water is a must have as it helps you to stay hydrated. We recommend carrying a bottle of detoxed water. Detox water is great for your hair and skin, it is a blood purifier and it balances your ph.

7) Shoes : Go for a pair of cute and comfy flip flops or you could always go for some monochrome sneakers, or some flat detail strap sandals.

8) Your Beach bag : Lastly carry a comfy beach bag in which you can put all your beach essentials Make sure that there is enough space for all your essentials. Carry a nice deodrant too. Don’t forget to carry a towel and your ipod so that you can listen to your favourite tunes and rest at the beach.

Lastly wear a nice,cute and comfy outfit to the beach. Go for a pair of high waisted denim shorts,cropped tees,sheer cardigans,sheer lace dresses or anything you are comfortable in.

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Hello world!


Sweet 16.I like writing beauty and fashion blogs.My only dream is to become a fashion designer.I write blogs every week.Feel free to share them.Thank you for reading hope you all have a great day 🙂